Let’s get philosophical

Who am I?

From my early explorations of Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, I discovered that I am not my thoughts. I understand that I am not my personality, nor am I the things I identify with. I am more than this concept of myself that I’ve derived over the years, I am more than my health, wealth, family and career. This discovery encouraged me to explore the truth of who I really am, beyond the identity I’ve created for myself.

If I am not my thoughts, then who am I? Mr.Tolle would suggest “you are the stillness underneath the mental noise,” but what is this stillness he speaks of? The observer of the thoughts, the awareness behind the thinking, the witness to the the mental chatter… this is the stillness of my being; this is who I really am, some may call it my spirit or soul, others refer to it as “consciousness.” I like to have an open mind and interchange the word according to who I’m communicating with, this gives me a bigger context window and allows me to understand others more.spiritual-quotes-different-roads

If I am a spirit/soul/consciousness that is beyond my thinking mind, then what is my purpose? Why has the essence of who I am, decided to experience itself as a personality with thoughts, feelings and desires? What is the reason for this experience? Perhaps my true-self has chosen this experience to further it’s growth, to expand it’s wisdom and to assist in it’s evolution towards an improved quality of consciousness. If this is the case, then I am having this experience in order to learn, but what exactly do I need to learn? I need to learn how to grow up in this journey called life and I am capable of doing so by asking the right questions and being open to discovering the answers.

We must realize that no one can give us the answers, for even if they did, we won’t be able to hear them until we are ready to receive the Truth. A suggestion for cultivating receivership of Truth is to be open to new ideas and keep judgement to a minimum, this paves the way for open minded skepticism. With any new idea or philosophy one should always question it and only draw a conclusion when it is experienced and explored by the individual in search of truth, only then can there be any true validity placed upon the idea.

Continue asking questions and the answers will come, just remember to be an open minded skeptic when searching for Truth.




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